Life lately has been work work work guys! exhausting and stressful. But no better way to wind down and relax, then to keep the decorations going in our apartment!  I mentioned in a previous post how empty our walls still seem to be since we first moved in. Well, slowly but surely, there has been some progress. One more wall down.. this time, in our Bedroom. A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Ikea to pick up some wall ledge shelfs. I had come across a wall ledge shelf picture in a magazine and on Pinterest and thought they would make a great addition in our bedroom. My favorite part of them, is how simple they are. I’m a big believer of simplicity.. I think simplicity comes a long way in decor (and life ;P). So, it was time to make it my own! I picked up some picture frames, printed some pictures of ourselves and some shots we had taken ourselves with our Canon and Nikon cameras! (part of making it our own!) I also picked up some decor pieces a couple of weeks after that at one of my new favorite stores down here in South Florida, Hobby Lobby. So on one of our days off, it was time to relax and decorate. It is SIMPLE, a contrast to our dark furniture, the pictures are our memories, and its our own. I love it and hope you all do too. It’s a work in progress, and it’s not complete. But, I thought I would share where our simple wall is thus far and any suggestions are welcome. I want to bring some greenery in with some flowers or a nice plant, what do you all think??

First, we gathered our handy tape, in order for the shelves to be straight (In the Unexpected DIY post, I explained how we used these) then the shelves and up they went!


After going through a bunch of our shots, I finally narrowed down which pictures I wanted to display. Then, after some shuffling around, I was finally happy with the arrangements of the picture frames. And the Decor that I picked up went on top of our dresser and that was that!

Picture Frames




The Final Product, thus far
The Final Product, thus far



Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you! Hope you all have been enjoying the long weekend, the food and the sun! Unlike many here in South Florida, we had no weekend plans as in going to the keys, or Orlando or even the beach as many do down here. While I had three days off from the hospital, my boyfriend had to work this Sunday and Memorial day, which I will also be working. So we made our own low-key plans these past couple of days. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Friday we went to see family and after, dinner and movie. But yesterday, IT WAS GAME TIME! I am lucky gal really, you see.. Why? Well, because my boyfriend and his dad are Miami Heat season heat ticket holders! So when they don’t go together or when we have days off together, this lucky girl gets to tag along quite often! So, yesterday we did just that! We got our heat gear on, my wore down chucks, for comfort ( because this girl doesn’t believe in heels to a game lol my boyfriend appreciates this very much.. believe me!) and we were off to our lovely city of Miami. NBA playoffsFor us going to games together is special.. Since i was 12 and barely knew what basketball was, I was going to heat games.  And for Xavier, the same goes.. that, and that he’s a die-hard Lebron James fan (since cavaliers time.) It also made sense that one of our first dates, was to be at the American airlines  arena for a date! Well, yesterday was exciting, it is the NBA Playoffs and we were there for game 3! After our gear was on and we were on our way to downtown Miami, it was game time! But first, we had to do our game time, ritual! We usually try to get there early.. we go to Bayside, an outdoor marketplace and get something to eat at one of our top three restaurants: 1.) Los ranchos, 2.)Largo Seafood & Grill, or 3.)Bongos Cuban Cafe across the street! They all satisfy our bellies before games! Here are some of our pictures of yesterday’s GAME TIME! You’ll also get to see which restaurant we picked yesterday too! Hope you all enjoy, it was a beautiful day here yesterday in South Florida!  What plans did you all have for Memorial Day weekend? I would love to hear..

P.S.. Win or lose, GO HEAT!  Here’s our day through our iPhone!



The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
Love our City
LOVE our city
and got ready for this!
and got ready for this!


THE SLEEPY STRUGGLE.. Not much of a struggle honestly.. Life lately for us has consisted of much work, late hours, and lots of sleep on our days off.. Struggle in the sense that we can’t get out if this bed! Our mornings are consisting of waking up around one o’clock in the afternoon.. Yes! I said it, ONE OCLOCK in the AFTERNOON! So can I still call it our morning?? I mean we still wake up and get our cup of coffee and eat our yummy pancakes!? So yes, I’ll call it our mornings. This bed has consumed our mornings. We’ve thought about it and have thought of all we could be doing if we just woke up at a decent time. Things that our up there on our to do list of life.. Like being more active, doing things earlier if we can, and doing more of our errands all in one shot instead of waiting till our next day off.. But the bed wins. And while we like to call it a struggle, in the sense that we feel we could be doing so much in that time.. The struggle of getting up and out of bed is good. We definitely can’t say we take our sleep for granted.. Because we appreciate it to the fullest as you can see! It’s a mixed emotion really. On our days off, after working our 3, 12 hour shifts, sleep is certainly needed and we’ve become so thankful for sleep. We’ve been told to take advantage of it now while we can, since we don’t have kids or little four legged friends to take care of yet… But at the same time I also think.. Shouldn’t we also take advantage of that and do more things we want to do too then? The answers is probably yes.. But the best answer is probably, finding a BALANCE. We will work on it fellow friends.. I’m sure I’m not alone on this right? Please tell me were not.. Lol. But for now this bed will continue to consume us some days more than others and we will work on the balance of sleep and our daily life. So for now we will cherish the sleep and be thankful we can get sleep when needed.

So my fellow bed, while you look so tempting.. Until tonight.. We will see you later. And we will welcome you with open arms and heavy eyes. Isn’t sleep so great my friends?! Sigh…. Zzz




Rustic meets modernSo  like I had told you all before, we recently moved!  Ever since my boyfriend and I moved in together into our apartment, projects seem to pop out of no where. From where are we going to put this and that.. or what should we get to put here and there!.. But no complains from this lady.. because I have loved every project we’ve done thus far. Not only have I loved doing them but I have enjoyed so much unleashing the designer within, that i had no idea was even there! hehe. HGTV has become an obsession of mine way before we moved in and now that i actually have a place to call my own, the ideas have been flying! This has also made me realize how often we change as we grow older. A couple years back most of my spending was either on myself, clothing, and for others here and there. Now that  i have a place to call “home”.. Home has been on my mind a lot and I really love making OUR place a HOME for my honey and I. All the little and big investments we have been so blessed to be able to make.. with the help of others along the way, all become that much more worth it as we see it all come together.

So on that note, we made an unexpected trip to Hobby Lobby an arts and crafts store, new to us down here in South Florida. Hobby LobbyLet’s just say i was in my decor heaven! I convinced Xavier (the BF) to take a ride with me and long behold we walked out with an awesome purchase on an awesome sale! We’ve been thinking of ways to decorate our walls since they’re still pretty blank since we moved in.. and well here it is..the unexpected DIY project.. I called it DIY only because we did the thinking ourselves.. the “putting together” of several pieces we picked up, to make it into one well arranged and beautiful piece over our couch! Hope you all like it and suggestions are welcome!

This is the “how we did it” pictures, to hang the pieces up and what we used! It works for us.. =)

Materials included:

  • Drill
  • Tape
  • pencil
  • screws
  • nails
  • wall anchors
  • measuring tape
  • screw driver

We used the tape to mark the holes on the back of the pieces. We then used that same tape with the marks to tape onto the wall to have an accurate placement of where the screws and nails would go, once the measurements of where we wanted the pieces would be.

After the tape was on the wall, Xavier made used his handy drill to make the holes in the wall and place the wall anchors in place along with the screws.  And TA DA! the pieces were up! Hope you guys like it!

We really have been trying to incorporate some rustic pieces to tie into our modern like furniture. I feel like we started on the right path! Here is the finished UNEXPECTED DIY project up!

Behind us


Our Special PlaceWe’ve all heard of the phrase: “We live where you vacation.” We Floridians like to brag a little when it comes to the phrase.. But hey! I think we speak the truth lol. I think that many of us who live here take it for granted. So this weekend my honey and I took the opportunity to embrace the fact that we both had a day off and that we have this beautiful state to enjoy. We really do have so much to do where we live. So we packed some sandwiches, some fruit and lots of water and we were off. After a 25 minute drive, we found ourselves at one of the many parks in the Miami area, Oleta River State Park. It was a great day to be outside, not too hot, not too cloudy, but just right.  We got our little ticket and we were ready for some kayaking and some mountain bike trails. Fun! After an hour on the bike trails and some sweat later.. We were off to lunch by the water to re-energize for our kayaking in the bay. The ocean was calm and the sky was clear. It’s always so good to sit back and reflect on life out there and just remember to enjoy the little things. We had our laughs on the way back and the soreness was kicking in, so we called it a day.. But a GREAT ONE! (we’re trying to be more active on our days off, since nursing can be exhausting)

Any who, I hope you enjoy a few of our shots (with the iPhone, Nikon couldn’t come) while we were there. I like to tell you little secrets, so here’s another.. This place holds a special and happy feeling for me. This is the place i officially became my boyfriends “girlfriend” about a year and some months ago. Cheesy I know… But I can’t help but to share happy memories with you all! Enjoy! And hey maybe one day you all can visit  the park yourselves. What are some of your favorite outdoor places?? =P

Yes.. Thats a Mickey Mouse on my Sandwich.
Yes.. Thats a Mickey Mouse on my Sandwich.
Its the little things
Its the little things

National Nurses Week

Nurses WeekEvery year, one week is dedicated and meant to recognize all the nurses around our nation… and guess what??! that week is here. National Nurses week is always held May 6 through the 12th.. most nurses don’t actually know why these specific dates were chosen. And guess what? Im including myself in that group. For those of you who don’t know.. I am a nurse and another little secret…but shh.. so is my boyfriend! ( our dinner conversations are quite interesting and inappropriate at times hehe) After some reading and researching I found why these dates were chosen. The dates were chosen because,May 6 some years back, was the first date recognized as “Nurses Day.” To extend the recognition, it was then established as “Nurses week” which was to end on the 12th of May, Florence Nightingales birthday (The mother of Nursing.) <- Fun fact. =P

Well this week has been nothing but a struggle at work.. just sick sick people. Not just sick as in cough, sneeze and sniffles.. But a little mixture of that kind of sick, sick as in inappropriate and sick as in the head and unfortunately very very sick elderly individuals.

Because we're differentI had a lot of time to think about the purpose of celebrating nurses and recognizing the work they do. It might sound a little bias stating that.. since i am a nurse myself. Truth is i have never been asked the questions…“What made you choose this profession?” “How can you deal with all that you do and all that you see?’” as i have this past week.

Us nurses see death, crazy, sadness, grossness, unfairness, negligence, the bad and the ugly.. But we also get to see new life, love, bonding of a family, justice, relief, laughs and smiles… and whats most amazing about it all, is that we sometimes get to see all these emotions in a matter of 12 hours! eek!

Graduation DayWhen i first started nursing school, i was part of a class about the size of 92… long behold, i graduated with around 50 of those who i started with.This profession isn’t for any ‘normal’ individual. I think it takes a ‘different’ kind of person to be able to handle all these things and more in a matter of 12 hours. We have to be survivors at the end of shift, be able to go home and be able to cope with everything we just had to see in a matter of 12 hours and get our own emotions in check at the end of it all. We really are super heroes. We not only have our own lives in our hands and those of our families, but when we leave to go to work, we take on up to 7 more lives and the lives of their families in our hands… and MAN OH MAN! that’s a lot of responsibility while we hold our pee for the 10 of those 12 hours and don’t get to eat lunch till 5pm if that!



So why “ Did i choose this profession?” Because i love what i have learned in school.. because even though were not taught everything we need to know when were out there in the real world.. I chose it because ..I CAN. Because no matter how many times we get cursed out by patients, and families and yelled out by doctors. I can. I can survive those emotions and the struggles of those 12 hours. And because through it all, we get that one family, that one patient who really touches you and is grateful that we were by their side. Because from each individual i have come across, i have learned something and every day that i walk into work (and sometimes i really don’t want too in all honesty!) i walk out with a lesson. No matter how big or small. The stress is real, the demand is exhausting and sometimes i want to pull out my hair.. But i would do it all over again. I would have sleepless nights all over again in nursing school and choose to be a nurse all over again.. Because hey! sometimes i can even have a 5 day weekend! (It has its perks!)

So if you know a nurse or a nurse to be… say thank you! And to all my nurses out there. nurses Happy Nurses week!

Finding YourselfA word of advice… stay humble.. because when we’re on the other side of our role.. when our families are sick or when we are sick ourselves.. we tend to think we know it all.. but we don’t. We sit back and let others teach us more. We know the good and the bad of it.. So be kind when you can.. stand your ground when you have too and ask for help when in need.

My journey of becoming a nurse! Enjoy!


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