THE SLEEPY STRUGGLE.. Not much of a struggle honestly.. Life lately for us has consisted of much work, late hours, and lots of sleep on our days off.. Struggle in the sense that we can’t get out if this bed! Our mornings are consisting of waking up around one o’clock in the afternoon.. Yes! I said it, ONE OCLOCK in the AFTERNOON! So can I still call it our morning?? I mean we still wake up and get our cup of coffee and eat our yummy pancakes!? So yes, I’ll call it our mornings. This bed has consumed our mornings. We’ve thought about it and have thought of all we could be doing if we just woke up at a decent time. Things that our up there on our to do list of life.. Like being more active, doing things earlier if we can, and doing more of our errands all in one shot instead of waiting till our next day off.. But the bed wins. And while we like to call it a struggle, in the sense that we feel we could be doing so much in that time.. The struggle of getting up and out of bed is good. We definitely can’t say we take our sleep for granted.. Because we appreciate it to the fullest as you can see! It’s a mixed emotion really. On our days off, after working our 3, 12 hour shifts, sleep is certainly needed and we’ve become so thankful for sleep. We’ve been told to take advantage of it now while we can, since we don’t have kids or little four legged friends to take care of yet… But at the same time I also think.. Shouldn’t we also take advantage of that and do more things we want to do too then? The answers is probably yes.. But the best answer is probably, finding a BALANCE. We will work on it fellow friends.. I’m sure I’m not alone on this right? Please tell me were not.. Lol. But for now this bed will continue to consume us some days more than others and we will work on the balance of sleep and our daily life. So for now we will cherish the sleep and be thankful we can get sleep when needed.

So my fellow bed, while you look so tempting.. Until tonight.. We will see you later. And we will welcome you with open arms and heavy eyes. Isn’t sleep so great my friends?! Sigh…. Zzz


Author: Grace Fulfilling Life

My name is Jennifer, writer of Grace Fulfilling Life. Here you will find anything LIFE, food, our travels, tips, DIY's and a love for grace fulfilling our daily lives. Thank you for stopping by.. take a look around! We hope to bring a bit of light into your day! xoxo

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