Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you! Hope you all have been enjoying the long weekend, the food and the sun! Unlike many here in South Florida, we had no weekend plans as in going to the keys, or Orlando or even the beach as many do down here. While I had three days off from the hospital, my boyfriend had to work this Sunday and Memorial day, which I will also be working. So we made our own low-key plans these past couple of days. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Friday we went to see family and after, dinner and movie. But yesterday, IT WAS GAME TIME! I am lucky gal really, you see.. Why? Well, because my boyfriend and his dad are Miami Heat season heat ticket holders! So when they don’t go together or when we have days off together, this lucky girl gets to tag along quite often! So, yesterday we did just that! We got our heat gear on, my wore down chucks, for comfort ( because this girl doesn’t believe in heels to a game lol my boyfriend appreciates this very much.. believe me!) and we were off to our lovely city of Miami. NBA playoffsFor us going to games together is special.. Since i was 12 and barely knew what basketball was, I was going to heat games.  And for Xavier, the same goes.. that, and that he’s a die-hard Lebron James fan (since cavaliers time.) It also made sense that one of our first dates, was to be at the American airlines  arena for a date! Well, yesterday was exciting, it is the NBA Playoffs and we were there for game 3! After our gear was on and we were on our way to downtown Miami, it was game time! But first, we had to do our game time, ritual! We usually try to get there early.. we go to Bayside, an outdoor marketplace and get something to eat at one of our top three restaurants: 1.) Los ranchos, 2.)Largo Seafood & Grill, or 3.)Bongos Cuban Cafe across the street! They all satisfy our bellies before games! Here are some of our pictures of yesterday’s GAME TIME! You’ll also get to see which restaurant we picked yesterday too! Hope you all enjoy, it was a beautiful day here yesterday in South Florida!  What plans did you all have for Memorial Day weekend? I would love to hear..

P.S.. Win or lose, GO HEAT!  Here’s our day through our iPhone!



The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
Love our City
LOVE our city
and got ready for this!
and got ready for this!

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