Men tell all, again! Yes, it is time for round two! Last month, i thought it would be fun to join a group of ladies on the ‘Blogger men tell all‘ link-up. My fiancé (eek! I can say that now! lol) and I actually had a great time being part of the link-up and thought it was a great idea to make him a part of the blog more. Im sure many readers find it interesting to get to know the guy behind the girl a little more… you know the one she always mentions! lol. Well here is round two! This one may not have been that exciting for us only because it was mostly about Halloween and we really don’t do Halloween. None the less, it was fun hearing his childhood stories on halloween. Hope you all enjoy!  Safe festivities to all this week!

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-Is Halloween your favorite Holiday? If not, what is?  “No, my favorite is Christmas because Im Cuban and our culture really celebrates Christmas Eve, aka ‘Noche Buena’ and I get to be with all the family, eat good food, open gifts and see others happy.”

-What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year? “Most likely, nothing. I am not a fan of Halloween.”

-What is your go-to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? “Non-alcoholic, I drink water! and alcoholic, I like me some wine, Pinot Noir!”

-What is your favorite scary movie? ” I don’t really have one, I don’t really like them.. But I would rather watch old school movies like ‘childs play, pet cemetery, Nightmare on elm street, halloween and thirteen ghost. I don’t really care for today’s scary movies.”

-What is your best Halloween memory? ” When i was younger dressing up with my childhood friends and trick or treating around the neighborhood. But we also used to egg houses and paintball houses!” ( I was really shocked at this point! lol,  I couldn’t believe he did that!)


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