IMG_7626A Little Wedding Wednesday update today! We are officially at the 8 month mark and things have been steady as far as planning goes. The feeling of being overwhelmed has settled in comparison to the beginning of our planning to a subtle list of to do’s. I would be lying if I said that we don’t feel overwhelmed still, but I think we have a better grasp and understanding of the whole “wedding planning.” Little by little we have scratched things off our list and to be honest there’s one in particular that’s my favorite! But I will go into that in detail a little later! Just know it’s exciting! We have managed to have things under control for the most part so far. One thing that has gotten the best of me recently has been “color coordinating” something I never thought I would say, but it did, lol. We still have things to do and things to figure out, but it’s okay because I know that we can do it. We have really gotten a lot of the big things taken care of and now its seems to be coming down to the small things and small details. I have a lot of ideas running through my head and I can’t wait to actually be able to make them happen. For now, we will continue our steady pace and share with you what else we have crossed off our check list!

Since our last update we also have:

  • √ 5 of 7 bridesmaid dresses
  • √ Food Tasting
  • √ DJ
  • √ Flowers
  • √ Engagement photos (this is that favorite of mine 😉 )
  • √ Finalized guest list

Not too Shabby huh!? We have also done much more and if you can’t remember what else we have crossed our list, you could read bout it here. We are actually in the works of getting our engagement photos very very soon and we couldn’t be more excited. Since we will be receiving our photos in a couple of days, we have been brainstorming about our save-the-dates! We previously blogged about ‘minted’ and their lovely sample wedding package we received. Well, we have been trying to weigh out our options and what will both be economical for us and give us what we want. So, we have also received a cute sample from Wedding Paper Divas. Pretty soon, we will be scratching that off our list and I have to say, we are pretty close to making our decision once our engagement pictures get to us. I can’t contain my excitement! Check out Wedding Paper Divas and their invite samples… cute right?

We’d love to know if any of you bride to be’s have used Wedding Paper Divas for your save the dates or invites?! How are your list of to-do’s looking?

∴Happy Wedding Wednesday∴

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IMG_7598Calligraphy in the works! I was super excited and super nervous to share a project I recently finished for one my good friends Desiree and her fiancé. I was super excited for many reasons but super nervous for many other reasons as well. For those of you who don’t follow my instagram, to catch you guys up a little bit I figured it was most important to share this post with you.  The past couple of months, I had a recent ‘goal’ or ‘hobby’ to put it into better words. That hobby being, Calligraphy. 

Since I was little, I could remember always doodling and writing and probably not being the best with going green…sorry trees! ( I really do love the environment, I swear, lol) When I was younger, I could remember being the happiest and most at peace, just writing random words, or doodling and even drawing. Clearly I did not become an artist, but I could definitely write in decent cursive. After running into some calligraphy work and seeing the work of some fellow bloggers and a wedding around the corner, a spark of interest fired and I figured it was worth a shot! I may not be a professional calligrapher or know everything about it, but little by little I’m learning more. I’m also learning about myself more, and how much I enjoy getting away from the hassle of life sometimes and just being in my own little world. It works out actually, especially since while practicing, it allows me to go into my own little world and relax and enjoy time with my pen and paper.

One reason the spark came about and whats pushing me to get better little by little, definitely has to do with wanting to address our own envelopes for our wedding. So here and there during the week, my nibs, paper and ink come out to play and I..practice! Well, with that practice came a little showing… and of course like a normal person, I enjoyed showing my progress with my family and closest friends.  I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I have a couple close friends to me who are also getting married. Well jokingly, I would tell them that I would give them the “friend discount” and I would address their envelopes too. Little did I know it, I was really about to get my hands on some of their envelopes!

My friend Desiree is also getting married this year and actually it will be two weeks before Xavier and I. To put it simple, its been fun, sharing the experience with her! And to make a long story short… She one day decided to ask me a serious Want know what it was? She said…”Jen, will you seriously do our save the date envelopes?” I secretly jumped in…But right after, I questioned myself and asked my honey, if he really thought I could do it! I couldn’t ask for someone more supportive than him, because of course, he said YES! So… my response to Desi was.. YES!

Lets just say, before getting my ink on her envelopes, my palms were sweaty and I was hesitant to make the first stroke… but before I knew it I had the first envelope done! fewf! After a couple or so, my confidence grew and I became less scared as I finished yet another envelope. It was time-consuming but I was determined and was actually enjoying every minute of it! Like I said, I’m not a professional calligrapher, but hey I’m proud of what I was able to do for my dear friend. Her happy face was sufficient for me to feel I did good! I’m so grateful for the trust she placed in my hands with her save the date envelopes and hey… maybe this is the beginning of something great! I always have wanted to start a little etsy shop.. =) What do you all think???

Here is my first clients addressed envelopes! Enjoy!=)

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Jen ❤

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