La Vida is back! 

IMG_6142La Vida blog is back! Life was busy and the blog was on hold for a little while. We were in much need of some time to ourselves and pretty much in need of any free time we could get, to plan our wedding in the midst of all we had going on, plus work. But we are back! A lot has gone on since the last time we gave all our readers an update. We planned a wedding! Got married! Went on an amazing honeymoon! Moved to our new little temporary home! Got a new job! And pretty much snapped back into reality! I can’t wait to share with you all the process that has led up to where we stand in life right now! We have been on a very exciting journey these past couple of months, and even though we have been overwhelmed at times, tired and frustrated, we have also been incredibly blessed the last couple of months. And to be honest, our blessings surpass any of those tired, overwhelmed days! God has been amazing to us and has blessed us with more than we can imagine and its through his grace and his guidance that we stand where we stand today.  I am so very excited to be back to blogging and sharing our special moments that have passed and all those special moments ahead of us. Thank you to all our readers for hanging around and still following us on Instagram and our Facebook feeds! I’m excited for what’s ahead and excited to start sharing our moments that lead up to life lately. We are excited for some of our ideas coming up for the blog soon! I personally hope to be back to blogging on a more regular basis and hope to grow from there!  Hope you will all stick around.

-Jen ❤️



Author: Grace Fulfilling Life

My name is Jennifer, writer of Grace Fulfilling Life. Here you will find anything LIFE, food, our travels, tips, DIY's and a love for grace fulfilling our daily lives. Thank you for stopping by.. take a look around! We hope to bring a bit of light into your day! xoxo

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