Honeymoon Blues: Venice, Italy


A small city, big hearts, history, small town charm, gondola rides through narrow canals, filled with a whole lot of love while being serenaded with “Amore!” This can only be in one place! Venice, Italy! Today we are continuing are honeymoon blues series with the second stop we visited while on our honeymoon. We headed east from Milan, on a 2-3 hour bus ride (depending on what form of transportation you take.) We thought it might be farther but to our surprise, it turned out quicker then expected, and full of beautiful scenery along the way. One word: Vineyards! I’m sure flying would have been quicker, but trying to stay on budget worked out in our favor because we saw some of the most beautiful views along the way. We ended up staying in Venice for just about 2 days. It may sound like a short time, but it honestly isn’t that big of a city. We were walking around the island knowing where we were going by the end of the afternoon. If its one thing I loved, is the uniqueness of the small city which is made up of a bit over 100 small islands! It was like no place I have ever been.. no cars, no highways, just small walkways, canals and boats.. and charm!  A whole lot of it too. Simple life, yet to us it may seem so complicated since obviously it’s not our norm. Nonetheless, it was beautiful and just so romantic! Its quiet, quaint, charming and intimate all at once, Id say its the perfect setting for two love birds on their honeymoon.

Tip#2: For those traveling on a budget and wanting to get around in Europe. There are many great options. But for us there was one in particular, recommended by my best friend. Travel via bus! Especially for those not at a great distance. We used: Flixbus. Sooo economical! There are other great bus company’s but this is the route we chose.

Our Venice arrival with a view and narrow streets! Can you tell we were excited?!



Where we stayed: Centurion palace, luxury for Venice but we got a great deal since we went in the winter months! And it was our honeymoon, so why not? Such a clean and private and beautiful place.


The history behind these torn yet beautiful walls just amaze me.


Because every cute little canal deserved a ‘kiss selfie’ with my hubby.

imagePiazza San Marco (St. Mark’s square)

Basilica de San Marco

imageCampanile de San Marcoimage
Bride of Sighsimageimageimageimage

A romantic gondola ride through the Venice sunset.

 (…. yes guys  I needed a quick stop at the pharmacy for the horrible cold I got. Lol)


We ate at this little amazing and tasty place called Ristorante Taverna, San Trovaso. Food was amazing! Small and quaint places where the locals go are my favorite.


On our last day we got to see Venice in the Christmas making! Streets and windows all being decorated. It was beautiful.

Gondola ride through the Grand Canalimage


Water taxi at least once in our lives right?


Stay tuned for our next stop! Promise it will be great! We’d love to know if you’ve ever visited Venice before?

-Jen ❤

*all images are property of Grace Fulfilling Life*

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2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Blues: Venice, Italy”

    1. Hi Sierra! Thank you! We got married this past November, we might be a little late in sharing these but we figured they’re too good not too! Enjoy Costa Rica! We had considered Costa Rica for our honeymoon in the beginning, I’m sure it will be amazing! Congratulations on your marriage!

      -Jen ❤

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