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Hey guys! I’m Jennifer, a registered nurse who loves her job, family and sharing pieces of my everyday life with you all. Welcome to Grace Fulfilling life, a personal blog about my daily life adventures and all things that inspire me, challenge me, excite me and remind me that only through God’s grace he is fulfilling our everyday life’s blessings and all things that come our way. (a reminder that inspired our blogs name change: Grace fulfilling life)  I love to dream, to be challenged, lover of coffee but that might just be the Colombian in me, I love a good arts and craft project, creativity and DIY’s, lover of food and trying new places to eat and travel and its possible that all of these have made me into a picture hoarder because i just don’t want to miss a single moment to reminisce on later on. Oh and Im in love with my 5yr old Yorkie, Bella.

I am madly deeply in love with my handsome husband Xavier to which I just recently got to tie the knot to in November of 2015. He is my rock, my best friend and the one who really keeps me grounded.Talk about the unexpected! My handsome and I met in nursing school, where we went from not talking to each other, to friends and something more. Here we are today, sharing what most might call the most disturbing dinner conversations when not only one but two nurses sit together to talk about their days, but the most amazing thing is that we are now married, in love and with endless aspirations for our future and ready to take it on with love, faith and a humble heart. If its one thing we have learned along the way through our end of the day conversations, is that we can’t take life for granted. God has blessed us with an amazing journey together and we will forever be grateful for the story he has written for us.

Because we know that our story has just begun, we wanted to make sure that we had a space of our own to document each chapter in our life. A place not only we could look back and reminisce but also our families, friends and future kids could too.  A place that documents all the endless blessings, challenges, milestones and growth that we have been through over time. We hope you join our journey and we hope to be a little bit of light and inspiration through your read. Thanks for joining our journey, stop by and take a look at our lives chapters thus far, grab a cup of coffee with us..laugh a little, be inspired, inspire us and cry a little if you’d like! We are excited to have you stop by.


9 thoughts on “About me”

    1. Im no pro, but i sure do try! watching lots of HGTV on days off helps (the feet and the ideas, haha) Thanks for following as well!

  1. Hi Jen! Looking through your blg a little and reading this page has grabbed me straight away. I think this blog is a really creative idea and I look forward to seeing more posts. Feel free to check out mine 🙂

    1. Thank you Ben! Just sharing bits of my life with you all. Thanks for following and You will definetely get a visit from me on your blog. again, thanks!

  2. Hi Jen! I am really liking your blog. It looks like you are cooking up some awesome food, the kind I like! I’d love to get some inspiration from you. I actually went to my first crossfit class today! What are the odds.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking forward to reading more from you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it 😀 I’m looking forward to joining you on your blogging adventure! 🙂 All the best xx

  4. hi sis looking forward to se you today can you I need help with a progect plz can you come over it is dew tomorrow but you know I was in culumba thes past dayes plz come over I need you and I know you are not working to day

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