A healthier usHey all, tonight Xavier and I decided to start our own fitness challenge! We both can honestly tell you all that we have slacked off big time. When Xavier and I were in nursing school, we both were very much dedicated to working out and having a healthy lifestyle. Well, love comes along and… Just kidding! haha. But on a serious note, I think our slacking started off on our last semester in nursing school.

It was such a busy time for us during our last practicum and our time was very limited. We had to work around or preceptor schedules and finally started doing those 12 hour shifts..exhausting! Lucky for Xavier he had day shift, so he had some wiggle time. Unfortunately for me, I had no choice and ended up on night shifts that last semester of nursing school. Lets just say that juggling in a nurses 12 hour shifts 3-4 times a week, plus classes, study time, endless amounts papers and the beginning of our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, was exhausting. We were definitely fortunate to share the same struggles and challenges in many ways for sure. Needless to say, Xavier was so good to me helping me juggle night shift while he was in days. So as you can see, time definitely played a role in us lacking efforts to make it to the gym and keeping motivated.

Shortly after graduating and passing our boards we were very blessed to have jobs 2 months after! But in between those months we finally found ‘some’ time to make it to cross fit or the gym. On some of our days we were heading over to mountain bike trails and getting some kayaking in as well. Well our two months were up and life started! We began to work the 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week and for a new nurse, it was mentally and physically exhausting! we work in a very fast paced hospital, at least I seem to think so.

Well enough is enough! Some weight was gained, and some toning was lost! And now its time to reverse that and loose the gained, and tone the un-toned! We have a trip lined up in October to NYC, and we made that a time frame for our beginning goal.

Our goals from now till then will be simple to get us back into that rhythm of eating better and being more active!

So our goals for now will be:

  1. Eat healthier, cleaner foods.
  2. Cooking at home more often (especially for work)
  3. Choosing healthier options when eating out
  4. Going to the Gym AT LEAST 3 times per week (4-5 preferably)
  5. More outdoor activities

Tonight we started by going to cross fit, something I was a little apprehensive about. Only because I personally feel there’s more of a risk for injuries. Xavier had done cross fit for some years before so I compromised with him. If he agreed to start our challenge the clean way (no chemical filled powders) I would join him in cross fit. So tonight I went to  the beginners class, learned proper form and techniques to start our compromise.

Xavier wants to lose around 10 pounds from now till october, and I ultimately just want to help him be motivated, lose just a couple and tone up myself and gain my endurance back! All in all, it was a great night to start ‘our fitness challenge’!  If you have any suggestions, tips, ideas or your own fitness challenges, we would love to hear all about them! So go out there and join us in putting on our running shoes more often!

Ready… set… GO!

Here’s a little glimpse into what we want to get back into!

We will keep you all posted! Have a wonderful, healthy day!

-Xavier and Jen


mom10This week we celebrated  our moms birthday. Let me just tell you all before I go into details, that I haven’t seen that smile on her face in a long time. It was great to see her so happy. To start off, this year my dad had a great idea to surprise her. And boy was she surprised! The plan was to take her out to dinner to a place that she had never been to, but by the beach. Well, the question was, what restaurant?? There are so many down here in South Florida. We wanted to take her to one where we knew she would enjoy the food! ( she’s a picky eater, haha) The second part of the plan was that she would be under the impression that it was only going to be her and my dad. So the search for a restaurant and to make it seem they were going out to a birthday dinner date began. Part of the plan was for my boyfriend and I to pick up my little sister an hour or two before they left for their date. The next part of the plan was to get all my brothers and us of course, together that day to surprise her.

Well on a more personal level, no family is perfect… mine including. So to make a long story short, getting all of us siblings together with my parents was a big step. But by grace and with forgiving hearts, the arrangements were made and we were all on the same page and ready to surprise our mom!

So this past Wednesday,  a couple of days before her actual birthday (we have a wedding to attend on her birthday) we all had the night off from our busy everyday duties..so we used that opportunity to surprise her! I got up that day and picked up some delicious Misha’s cupcakes instead of a traditional birthday cake. ( I highly recommend to try these cupcakes, they are soo yummy!) After that, my boyfriend and I headed over to my parents and picked up Sofia two hours before dinner. We tricked her into thinking Sofia was going to join us for dinner with x and I and his parents, and she fell for it! Shortly after, we got ourselves dolled up and we were of to a restaurant by the beach here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sea Watch on the Ocean. All us siblings headed to the restaurant first, to wait for her big arrival! We held up our menus so that she wouldn’t see us as she walked in. But when she walked in, she followed my dads instructions to close her eyes.. and long behold, a big “SURPRISE” was definitely heard in the restaurant!

Her excitement and reaction was beautiful and heart warming.  I think deep down we all secretly shed a tear or two with her. She was so overwhelmed with appreciation that we were all there and TOGETHER. Something that had not happened in a long time. I still remember seeing her face and how happy and moved she was. I think as we get older, we seem to appreciate our parents happiness a lot more.. and becomes something you only wish you can fill their hearts with. I think we all did just that this night. And the best part of it was that we all came together for HER and did that and brought her happiness.

After our delicious meals, we headed over to the beach. It was literally right behind the restaurant so we continued the celebration! She blew out the candles on her cupcakes and made a wish that I bet was already complete! Cheers to our mom, friend, and the reason for many of our cries, laughter and love! We wish you so many more by our side!

So dear, Mami..

Happy Birthday from all of us.

We love you oh so much and enjoy seeing you happy!


Isn't she beautiful?
Isn’t she beautiful?


Happy Birthday Mami
Happy Birthday Mami

Happy Day my beautiful mother.. You are loved so dearly. May God Bless with you many more.. May he fill your heart with more love, more forgiveness, more happiness and more dreams in your heart.

Love, Jen and the family.




Hello all! Why many think that summer in Florida only consist of pure sunshine, tanning and soaking up sun at the beach.. well think again! Lets include, rain, rain, umbrellas and indoor activities to the Florida Summer days List. Don’t get me wrong, we do for sure have those typical  sunshine state days. But this summer we’ve experienced many many rainy days full of thunder and lightning! So what do I do on a rainy summer day while my honey is off at work and I’m not?  Simple.. Spend some time with my momma and little sister Sofia(which you’ve read about in my previous post.)  We decided to get out of the house and headed over to the mall near my apartment. We simply enjoyed time together talking, walking, window shopping, laughing together and filling our bellies with some yummy food! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetLuckily for us and well mostly Sofia lol, there is a carousel in the mall. My mom and I always enjoy watching her smiles as the carousel goes around and makes its way to where we are sitting waiting for her. We admire her bravery too. To many people, it’s simply a kid friendly ride that goes around and around. Frankly mom and I don’t do “around and around” very well! We consider the carousel a ride for the brave and strong at stomach!! Yikes! I don’t even like to think about it! Nonetheless, it was great to have some girl time and enjoy the little things. Like Sofia’s smile that’s so humble at heart. I guess rainy days can’t get better than that! Don’t you all wish you were a little kid again to have no worries.. and have the simple ride of a carousel brighten up your rainy day? I DO!

Sofias favorite horse
Sofias favorite horse

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHappy Thursday everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your day.. whether rainy or sunny! =)



Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you! Hope you all have been enjoying the long weekend, the food and the sun! Unlike many here in South Florida, we had no weekend plans as in going to the keys, or Orlando or even the beach as many do down here. While I had three days off from the hospital, my boyfriend had to work this Sunday and Memorial day, which I will also be working. So we made our own low-key plans these past couple of days. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Friday we went to see family and after, dinner and movie. But yesterday, IT WAS GAME TIME! I am lucky gal really, you see.. Why? Well, because my boyfriend and his dad are Miami Heat season heat ticket holders! So when they don’t go together or when we have days off together, this lucky girl gets to tag along quite often! So, yesterday we did just that! We got our heat gear on, my wore down chucks, for comfort ( because this girl doesn’t believe in heels to a game lol my boyfriend appreciates this very much.. believe me!) and we were off to our lovely city of Miami. NBA playoffsFor us going to games together is special.. Since i was 12 and barely knew what basketball was, I was going to heat games.  And for Xavier, the same goes.. that, and that he’s a die-hard Lebron James fan (since cavaliers time.) It also made sense that one of our first dates, was to be at the American airlines  arena for a date! Well, yesterday was exciting, it is the NBA Playoffs and we were there for game 3! After our gear was on and we were on our way to downtown Miami, it was game time! But first, we had to do our game time, ritual! We usually try to get there early.. we go to Bayside, an outdoor marketplace and get something to eat at one of our top three restaurants: 1.) Los ranchos, 2.)Largo Seafood & Grill, or 3.)Bongos Cuban Cafe across the street! They all satisfy our bellies before games! Here are some of our pictures of yesterday’s GAME TIME! You’ll also get to see which restaurant we picked yesterday too! Hope you all enjoy, it was a beautiful day here yesterday in South Florida!  What plans did you all have for Memorial Day weekend? I would love to hear..

P.S.. Win or lose, GO HEAT!  Here’s our day through our iPhone!



The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
The winner was..LOS RANCHOS. A nicaraguan steak house. yum
Love our City
LOVE our city
and got ready for this!
and got ready for this!


Our Special PlaceWe’ve all heard of the phrase: “We live where you vacation.” We Floridians like to brag a little when it comes to the phrase.. But hey! I think we speak the truth lol. I think that many of us who live here take it for granted. So this weekend my honey and I took the opportunity to embrace the fact that we both had a day off and that we have this beautiful state to enjoy. We really do have so much to do where we live. So we packed some sandwiches, some fruit and lots of water and we were off. After a 25 minute drive, we found ourselves at one of the many parks in the Miami area, Oleta River State Park. It was a great day to be outside, not too hot, not too cloudy, but just right.  We got our little ticket and we were ready for some kayaking and some mountain bike trails. Fun! After an hour on the bike trails and some sweat later.. We were off to lunch by the water to re-energize for our kayaking in the bay. The ocean was calm and the sky was clear. It’s always so good to sit back and reflect on life out there and just remember to enjoy the little things. We had our laughs on the way back and the soreness was kicking in, so we called it a day.. But a GREAT ONE! (we’re trying to be more active on our days off, since nursing can be exhausting)

Any who, I hope you enjoy a few of our shots (with the iPhone, Nikon couldn’t come) while we were there. I like to tell you little secrets, so here’s another.. This place holds a special and happy feeling for me. This is the place i officially became my boyfriends “girlfriend” about a year and some months ago. Cheesy I know… But I can’t help but to share happy memories with you all! Enjoy! And hey maybe one day you all can visit  the park yourselves. What are some of your favorite outdoor places?? =P

Yes.. Thats a Mickey Mouse on my Sandwich.
Yes.. Thats a Mickey Mouse on my Sandwich.
Its the little things
Its the little things

An Engagement in Style

This past saturday, my honey and I had the pleasure of attending a celebration unlike any we had surely attended.. It was full of colors, traditions, meaning, family and most important LOVE! My boyfriend and I met Anita (the beautiful bride to be, below in our pictures) during nursing school.. we were literally the three stooges! This is why it was such an honor and meant so much for us to be able to experience such an amazing day for her and her fiancé! It was a beautiful day and the celebration spirit was definitely in the air. It was not only exciting for us to be able to attend but also to learn about their different traditions and beliefs. If this was only the engagement ceremony, I cannot wait to attend their wedding day! Im sure it will be more than beautiful! Here are some pictures we took of our friends day! Enjoy.

Tumesh & Anita

Anita and Tumesh, may this be the beginning of a beautiful and loving relationship! We we wish you all the blessings in the world!

yours truly,

Jen & X.

P.S.. Anita was my boyfriend and I’s Cupid! ;P