41ZU77VN6VL._SY300_Yesterday was 4th of July and like many Americans, we were celebrating. Only our celebration strategy was a little different from the most traditional. There was no family bbq in a backyard and there was no Red, White and Blue attire in sight. This is not to be offense trust me… it just so happens that this past 4th of July, our time had to be split in a different manner. Yesterday was a big day in deed. Not only was it our country’s birthday, and a day to recognize how blessed we are to be living in this country. The Land of the free and opportunity.. BUT it was also one of the most expected games in the WORLD CUP 2014! Colombia vs Brazil. Most of you might not know but I come from a Colombian background and very much proud of it. Both my parents and family are all Colombian. And while I was not born there, I lived there for  the first 8 years of my life and flew back and forth from summer vacations here in the states, back to Colombia. There is definitely Colombian blood running through my veins.

So as you can see yesterday WAS 4th of JULY, but yesterday I was wearing YELLOW BLUE AND RED, for most of my day! While my team did not win yesterday as per the numbers, we were still winners! My other Country that’s so dear to my heart, hadn’t made it to the quarter finals in any world cup EVER! So while I will not give my full opinion on the turn of events during the game yesterday, I will say this, we might not be physically present any longer in the world cup, BUT we sure didn’t leave as LOSERS. My team ” Mi Seleccion Colombiana” left with their heads held high and as heroes for a nation. A nation that couldn’t be more proud of making history, a nation that gave their full respect to such a wonderful group of guys on the team. From day one, they entered the world cup in a transparent manner, with humbleness and much dance and happiness! A team that earned the recognition of some individuals that were not even Colombian. The world cup is now experiencing the loss. Not us. bc536cdbc6c3e5f3dcd4d5b6f6406c91They will miss this great team that was the most enjoyable to watch and who won the hearts of many! So Congratulations to my Colombia. We had nothing to lose… Because no matter who the winner is, no other team would have made the history we have in this world cup! Cheers Colombia! Because even with a “loss” we still will celebrate! Thank You Mi Selección Colombiana. Thank you to James Rodriguez #10  who as of now has the to be the best World Cup player and who brought us so much pride!

So as you guys can see…Yesterday was 4th of July, with split celebrations. Early in the morning yesterday, X and I decided to join my cousins for some paddle boarding before all the excitement that was to come in the day. 10430374_906543899359829_6048659396383432399_n_FotorWe had never been so it was a new experience for us. It was the perfect sunny Florida morning to do such activity. So we arrived, got our paddle boards and BALANCE and off we were in the salt water! So much fun. We were so glad we got to join them and spent time with them and soak up some sun.

After our sunny morning full of paddle boards and salty water..we went home. We then dressed ready to root our country on and made our way over to a Colombian restaurant with our friends to watch the game. That was until it started pouring and the lovely Florida Rain took over and the restaurant lost its TV signal. So we quickly paid the bill and headed to our friends house and got quite soaked in the process to hurry and catch the rest of the game. ( It actually was a fun little adventure and had our laughs) The game was then over, the numbers and some calls weren’t in our favor, but we debriefed and still left with a smile. We were still oh so proud to make it this far!IMG_2682


We then quickly headed home to finish our 4th of JULY.. Finally it was time to celebrate the other colors. Red, white and blue. So we did what any other American on this day does.. Watch some good ol’ American Fireworks. We headed over to one of our local parks.. And watched the pretty lights in the sky (which cleared up), Took it all in and made the Conclusion that Our 4th of July yesterday was in deed a good one. We got some sun, experienced a new activity, celebrated in many different colors of two lovely countries, spent time with good friends and most importantly my honey and I were together. Hope you all had a great 4th of July yesterday. I guess we owe you next year a full days  worth of celebration America! lol.


Happy Birthday USA! And thank you to all of those who serve this country.

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