We have a new friend in our house and we are very proud and excited. While my new friend may be replacing a friend that in the past went many places by my side, it was time for a new friend. A new friend to explore the many more places my honey and I have to come in the future and for now on our daily ride! Don’t you all worry, I am not talking behind my old friends back.. she is very well aware of what’s going on and our reasoning! haha. Well my friends, this new friend I speak of is my new car! My new lovely car, which I am very proud of purchasing for myself. With the help of my dad and boyfriend for some guidance and of course the stylish opinion of momma dukes, the car was bought and is sitting right outside my door now. I am truly so excited and feel so wonderfully blessed that I am able to purchase this car for myself, something I wouldn’t have been able to do a year ago.

It was definitely time for a new ride y’all. My old little BLEU (my old Chevy cobalt’s name) was wearing down and the more time I spent driving it, the less safe I felt each time. BLEU was bought used and in a fairly good condition, but after 6 years of driving around, BLEU was definitely getting tired and wearing out quite fast. So with a little push from my momma and honey, car shopping began and saturday night I was driving home in my new 2015 optima. If you know me, you would know that my very first car was not a new car and for that matter it wasn’t supposed to even be a running car. That was until my dad fixed the engine. Back then I was just happy I had a license and a running car that took me from point A to point B. After driving that for a little during high school, my parents graciously gave me a Volkswagen Buggy for graduation and it was cute and great! Almost too great, since Volkswagen parts are fairly expensive when they need some fixing and when your warranty expires. So I opted out of the buggy and traded it in for BLEU. She was used and she ran and a lot less inexpensive to maintain. So I stuck with her and settled and she was good to me for some years. That was till about 2 years ago, when she started getting tired and worn out. After being stranded here and there and needing some road side assistance lol it was time. Time for a change and a well deserved new toy! And like I said before, if you truly know me, you also know that I am pretty simple and not into fancy fancy!

So on this search, I wanted something reliable, good on gas, good-looking, heck of a warranty and with a realistic payment at the end of the month that would allow me to eat daily! lol So long behold, Pearl (My new Optima 2015)  came into my life to join X and I on our every day adventures!  I truly couldn’t have done it with out the help and guidance from the oh so wise one’s in our family (Our dads.) THANK YOU!  I haven’t been this excited to make such a big girl car payment ever. I am proud that the hard work pays off and that I will be safe while driving now!  I am truly blessed. Life is good and God is even greater!  A special thanks to everyone who helped along the way and the support!




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