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img_3760For those of you that don’t know… besides my full-time job of a mother and wife, I am also a part-time registered nurse. I felt it was important to touch on the subject to really be honest and true to those who keep up with my life as a wife and mom and the other part of what makes me, ME. Being a nurse wasn’t always a “dream” of mine, mostly because I was so indecisive of what I wanted to pursue as a career. What I always did know was that I had a huge desire to help others in any way and that I was very much interested in the medical field. As a young girl, I was that child who sat to eat her breakfast or any meal while watching all the gory medical shows in awe. Well, soon enough I was in high school and had the opportunity to be part of a medical program. I was able to explore different careers in the medical field, while originally graduating and thinking I wanted to be a paramedic… well college soon was about to begin and others motivated me to strive for something else. Not because I don’t have respect for those in that area or because their job is less important or their job title and education are any less than others… but because I would be the first in my family to enter college and well graduating with a bachelors would be so rewarding for me and my family. Well, I considered physical therapist until I sat and had a very concrete and inspirational conversation with an old teacher of mine. She was the person who would push me into the nursing field and who motivated me and felt my personality and desire to help would fit in the nursing field. Well, to say the least… I got into nursing school, had many sleepless nights and days of stressful studying but ended up graduating (and meeting my now hubby 😉 ) and now a working nurse.

Nursing is tough, is far more than it’s made out to be and a lot more than what they tell you in nursing school… but one things for sure,  I love being able to help others. I enjoy learning more everyday and having patient interaction. It’s a hard job, one that most certainly everyone is not suited for but one I’m glad I’m able to be part of. Like everything, it has its good and not so good benefits.. it’s hard but rewarding at the same time. Schedules are flexible with working 3 12 hours shifts, but it ends up being a 13-14 hour day including travel to and from work with 12 hours shifts.  You miss out on special holidays and time away from family but again, it can be so rewarding if it’s where your heart is at. I hope to keep learning and growing and finding a new area to be a nurse in, in the field. One suited for a family with more manageable work times but I hope to keep having an impact on my patients and family members. I hope God allows me to touch others hearts in times of need with more grace and empathy. I hope he gives me mental and physical strength to want to keep pursuing more. I hope to be a better nurse each day and to always guide me in my days at work. But I also pray to be able to find work and life balance in this stage of my motherhood life.

I’m so grateful for one thing as a nurse! And that’s SCRUBS! With such early mornings and late evenings, nothing says more than comfort than scrubs. Let’s be honest, might as well call them “dress up Pajamas!” Haha. Well they also can get a little boring unless you work in pediatrics or a doctor’s office where you don’t all have to go in the same plain colors. Well there’s one way to spruce it up a bit and that’s with badge reels! A good friend and I have partnered up to introduce you to these cuties! She makes the cutest and most awesome badge reels. Fellow nurse and co-worker is making these awesome designs in a variety of designs! Below are some of her awesome designs. With so many holidays around, make sure my fellow nurse friends and anyone who pretty much wears a badge to work, goes to check out her Etsy shop and grab one! They are sturdy and so well made. I’m loving my custom-made reel to add a bit of dazzle to my plain uniform! Lots of new designs coming up on her shop. Oh and if you’re a pediatric nurse, you’ll love all her cute Disney and princess designs.  Below are a few of her latest badge reels. I’m so excited to support small businesses and this is sure one of them. Were teaming up and giving away two of these awesome badges to two individuals with your personalized initial!

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To order some of your own check out her easy shop here.

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