DIY: Bringing Jesus into your kids Easter basket

 Although I’m not a mom just yet, I do have a 7 year old sister. It’s important for me to be a role model to her and to share with her the importance of our faith, Jesus and his story. My sister Sofia, is quite the character with a personality of her own, but one thing is for sure.. She’s bright and she learns fast! I wanted to make sure this Easter she knew what Easter was truly about and give her a little reminder that not only would make her happy but also was filled with his word and goodness. My parents do a great job at making sure she reads her bible each morning before school, and taking her to church. When I went to ask her about what Easter was about.. Well let’s just say, I was more the surprised one. She could tell me the Easter story probably better then I ever could at her age! A week ago, a fellow blogger posted a great kids Easter activity over at WildlyGraceful, it was a one week Easter story countdown. I read it over and it was great! But my sister already knew a lot of the content, maybe because she’s older then I like to think. I’ll have to save that one for my future kids one day lol. So I opted out, and created this little cute Easter basket for her. Thanks to the amazing $1-3$ isle at target I was able to find all the amazing goodies! I seriously cannot go to target without stopping by that isle! I knew most Easter baskets are filled with candy and Easter eggs! So I decided to instead fill it with things I knew my sister has been wanting or things I knew she would enjoy! But of course, I got easter eggs! I figured it was the perfect opportunity to fill them with a little of bit of  Jesus’s Easter story and what he stood for. I had seen many Easter projects on Pinterest  explaining the Easter bunny and relating it to the Easter story. So since she’s a little older now, I figured I would incorporate a little of that in the Easter eggs and cut out some bible verses and place one in each of the eggs. I also made each verse explain a little of how it could represent her Easter bunny bag! It was too cute to pass on! I hope we all remember the meaning of Easter and what it stands for and that it is by his grace that we can live an abundant life! That through his grace we are forgiven, loved and have a Heavenly Father who is always with us.
Materials: ALL from targets $1-3$ isle! Win!

Idea..Pinterest! So many to choose from to help you out! I typed up bible verses which related to the famous “Easter bunny” and put it in simple terms for my sister to understand what each bible verse stood for and meant!

Happy Easter everyone! What are some ways you incorporate the true meaning behind Easter?! Have a great weekend friends!


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