We have a new friend in our house and we are very proud and excited. While my new friend may be replacing a friend that in the past went many places by my side, it was time for a new friend. A new friend to explore the many more places my honey and I have to come in the future and for now on our daily ride! Don’t you all worry, I am not talking behind my old friends back.. she is very well aware of what’s going on and our reasoning! haha. Well my friends, this new friend I speak of is my new car! My new lovely car, which I am very proud of purchasing for myself. With the help of my dad and boyfriend for some guidance and of course the stylish opinion of momma dukes, the car was bought and is sitting right outside my door now. I am truly so excited and feel so wonderfully blessed that I am able to purchase this car for myself, something I wouldn’t have been able to do a year ago.

It was definitely time for a new ride y’all. My old little BLEU (my old Chevy cobalt’s name) was wearing down and the more time I spent driving it, the less safe I felt each time. BLEU was bought used and in a fairly good condition, but after 6 years of driving around, BLEU was definitely getting tired and wearing out quite fast. So with a little push from my momma and honey, car shopping began and saturday night I was driving home in my new 2015 optima. If you know me, you would know that my very first car was not a new car and for that matter it wasn’t supposed to even be a running car. That was until my dad fixed the engine. Back then I was just happy I had a license and a running car that took me from point A to point B. After driving that for a little during high school, my parents graciously gave me a Volkswagen Buggy for graduation and it was cute and great! Almost too great, since Volkswagen parts are fairly expensive when they need some fixing and when your warranty expires. So I opted out of the buggy and traded it in for BLEU. She was used and she ran and a lot less inexpensive to maintain. So I stuck with her and settled and she was good to me for some years. That was till about 2 years ago, when she started getting tired and worn out. After being stranded here and there and needing some road side assistance lol it was time. Time for a change and a well deserved new toy! And like I said before, if you truly know me, you also know that I am pretty simple and not into fancy fancy!

So on this search, I wanted something reliable, good on gas, good-looking, heck of a warranty and with a realistic payment at the end of the month that would allow me to eat daily! lol So long behold, Pearl (My new Optima 2015)  came into my life to join X and I on our every day adventures!  I truly couldn’t have done it with out the help and guidance from the oh so wise one’s in our family (Our dads.) THANK YOU!  I haven’t been this excited to make such a big girl car payment ever. I am proud that the hard work pays off and that I will be safe while driving now!  I am truly blessed. Life is good and God is even greater!  A special thanks to everyone who helped along the way and the support!





41ZU77VN6VL._SY300_Yesterday was 4th of July and like many Americans, we were celebrating. Only our celebration strategy was a little different from the most traditional. There was no family bbq in a backyard and there was no Red, White and Blue attire in sight. This is not to be offense trust me… it just so happens that this past 4th of July, our time had to be split in a different manner. Yesterday was a big day in deed. Not only was it our country’s birthday, and a day to recognize how blessed we are to be living in this country. The Land of the free and opportunity.. BUT it was also one of the most expected games in the WORLD CUP 2014! Colombia vs Brazil. Most of you might not know but I come from a Colombian background and very much proud of it. Both my parents and family are all Colombian. And while I was not born there, I lived there for  the first 8 years of my life and flew back and forth from summer vacations here in the states, back to Colombia. There is definitely Colombian blood running through my veins.

So as you can see yesterday WAS 4th of JULY, but yesterday I was wearing YELLOW BLUE AND RED, for most of my day! While my team did not win yesterday as per the numbers, we were still winners! My other Country that’s so dear to my heart, hadn’t made it to the quarter finals in any world cup EVER! So while I will not give my full opinion on the turn of events during the game yesterday, I will say this, we might not be physically present any longer in the world cup, BUT we sure didn’t leave as LOSERS. My team ” Mi Seleccion Colombiana” left with their heads held high and as heroes for a nation. A nation that couldn’t be more proud of making history, a nation that gave their full respect to such a wonderful group of guys on the team. From day one, they entered the world cup in a transparent manner, with humbleness and much dance and happiness! A team that earned the recognition of some individuals that were not even Colombian. The world cup is now experiencing the loss. Not us. bc536cdbc6c3e5f3dcd4d5b6f6406c91They will miss this great team that was the most enjoyable to watch and who won the hearts of many! So Congratulations to my Colombia. We had nothing to lose… Because no matter who the winner is, no other team would have made the history we have in this world cup! Cheers Colombia! Because even with a “loss” we still will celebrate! Thank You Mi Selección Colombiana. Thank you to James Rodriguez #10  who as of now has the to be the best World Cup player and who brought us so much pride!

So as you guys can see…Yesterday was 4th of July, with split celebrations. Early in the morning yesterday, X and I decided to join my cousins for some paddle boarding before all the excitement that was to come in the day. 10430374_906543899359829_6048659396383432399_n_FotorWe had never been so it was a new experience for us. It was the perfect sunny Florida morning to do such activity. So we arrived, got our paddle boards and BALANCE and off we were in the salt water! So much fun. We were so glad we got to join them and spent time with them and soak up some sun.

After our sunny morning full of paddle boards and salty water..we went home. We then dressed ready to root our country on and made our way over to a Colombian restaurant with our friends to watch the game. That was until it started pouring and the lovely Florida Rain took over and the restaurant lost its TV signal. So we quickly paid the bill and headed to our friends house and got quite soaked in the process to hurry and catch the rest of the game. ( It actually was a fun little adventure and had our laughs) The game was then over, the numbers and some calls weren’t in our favor, but we debriefed and still left with a smile. We were still oh so proud to make it this far!IMG_2682


We then quickly headed home to finish our 4th of JULY.. Finally it was time to celebrate the other colors. Red, white and blue. So we did what any other American on this day does.. Watch some good ol’ American Fireworks. We headed over to one of our local parks.. And watched the pretty lights in the sky (which cleared up), Took it all in and made the Conclusion that Our 4th of July yesterday was in deed a good one. We got some sun, experienced a new activity, celebrated in many different colors of two lovely countries, spent time with good friends and most importantly my honey and I were together. Hope you all had a great 4th of July yesterday. I guess we owe you next year a full days  worth of celebration America! lol.


Happy Birthday USA! And thank you to all of those who serve this country.

National Nurses Week

Nurses WeekEvery year, one week is dedicated and meant to recognize all the nurses around our nation… and guess what??! that week is here. National Nurses week is always held May 6 through the 12th.. most nurses don’t actually know why these specific dates were chosen. And guess what? Im including myself in that group. For those of you who don’t know.. I am a nurse and another little secret…but shh.. so is my boyfriend! ( our dinner conversations are quite interesting and inappropriate at times hehe) After some reading and researching I found why these dates were chosen. The dates were chosen because,May 6 some years back, was the first date recognized as “Nurses Day.” To extend the recognition, it was then established as “Nurses week” which was to end on the 12th of May, Florence Nightingales birthday (The mother of Nursing.) <- Fun fact. =P

Well this week has been nothing but a struggle at work.. just sick sick people. Not just sick as in cough, sneeze and sniffles.. But a little mixture of that kind of sick, sick as in inappropriate and sick as in the head and unfortunately very very sick elderly individuals.

Because we're differentI had a lot of time to think about the purpose of celebrating nurses and recognizing the work they do. It might sound a little bias stating that.. since i am a nurse myself. Truth is i have never been asked the questions…“What made you choose this profession?” “How can you deal with all that you do and all that you see?’” as i have this past week.

Us nurses see death, crazy, sadness, grossness, unfairness, negligence, the bad and the ugly.. But we also get to see new life, love, bonding of a family, justice, relief, laughs and smiles… and whats most amazing about it all, is that we sometimes get to see all these emotions in a matter of 12 hours! eek!

Graduation DayWhen i first started nursing school, i was part of a class about the size of 92… long behold, i graduated with around 50 of those who i started with.This profession isn’t for any ‘normal’ individual. I think it takes a ‘different’ kind of person to be able to handle all these things and more in a matter of 12 hours. We have to be survivors at the end of shift, be able to go home and be able to cope with everything we just had to see in a matter of 12 hours and get our own emotions in check at the end of it all. We really are super heroes. We not only have our own lives in our hands and those of our families, but when we leave to go to work, we take on up to 7 more lives and the lives of their families in our hands… and MAN OH MAN! that’s a lot of responsibility while we hold our pee for the 10 of those 12 hours and don’t get to eat lunch till 5pm if that!



So why “ Did i choose this profession?” Because i love what i have learned in school.. because even though were not taught everything we need to know when were out there in the real world.. I chose it because ..I CAN. Because no matter how many times we get cursed out by patients, and families and yelled out by doctors. I can. I can survive those emotions and the struggles of those 12 hours. And because through it all, we get that one family, that one patient who really touches you and is grateful that we were by their side. Because from each individual i have come across, i have learned something and every day that i walk into work (and sometimes i really don’t want too in all honesty!) i walk out with a lesson. No matter how big or small. The stress is real, the demand is exhausting and sometimes i want to pull out my hair.. But i would do it all over again. I would have sleepless nights all over again in nursing school and choose to be a nurse all over again.. Because hey! sometimes i can even have a 5 day weekend! (It has its perks!)

So if you know a nurse or a nurse to be… say thank you! And to all my nurses out there. nurses Happy Nurses week!

Finding YourselfA word of advice… stay humble.. because when we’re on the other side of our role.. when our families are sick or when we are sick ourselves.. we tend to think we know it all.. but we don’t. We sit back and let others teach us more. We know the good and the bad of it.. So be kind when you can.. stand your ground when you have too and ask for help when in need.

My journey of becoming a nurse! Enjoy!


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